Dude and Dan's Bar and Grill

W.E. “Dude” Leslie was a man of distinction, admired and respected for his integrity, loyalty and wisdom.  He often referred to himself as “The Bad Dude” but quite the contrary.  His life experiences and wealth of knowledge impacted everyday lives of family, friends and colleagues.  Born December 6, 1932 in Leedey, Oklahoma “Dude” began his life journey.  His destiny was to serve in the Reserve Officer Training Corp which allowed him a commission and a slot into the United States Air Force Pilots Training.  He received his “Wings” at Vance Air Force Base and was eventually assigned to the Strategic Air Command at March Air Force Base in Riverside, California. As Tactical Bomber Pilot and Captain he performed annual tours with Top Secret Security Clearance status.  He married Shirley Jackson in 1956, they had three children and later eight grandchildren, including our owner, Brandon Pfaff.  A very accomplished man he later evolved to farm and ranch real estate.  Favorite passions included fishing and hunting but most importantly spending time with his wife Shirley. 

Dan McDonald, born in 1907 in tiny Rogers City, Michigan, along the icy shores of Lake Huron. Married to the love of his life, Genevieve, for 74 years. A true Scotsman. A successful, self-made businessman. An iconic figure around his adopted home-town of Clare in central Michigan. Dan had horses and cattle. He once survived a stomping by an enraged mother cow, one of the few fights he ever lost. His prized possession, a 21-foot Century, all wood runabout with a 457 V-8 Lincoln engine. Sometimes wrong but never in doubt. A stubborn, opinionated cuss but also generous and loving, especially when it came to his family. Dan passed away five-months after Genevieve when both were 94. He couldn't live without her. Dan McDonald, lovingly referred to by owner Jackie Pfaff as Great Uncle Dan.

Welcome to Dude & Dan's

Our Team

We are Steamboat's newest family friendly bar and grill! Visit us on the west side of Downtown Steamboat at 1106 Lincoln Ave to enjoy delicious American comfort food, cold beer, your favorite football game and maybe even a game of Skee-Ball in our lofted game room!  

Who were Dude & Dan

Dude and Dan's Bar and Grill was started by husband and wife team, Brandon and Jackie Pfaff in January, 2016. With over 30 years of combined hospitality experience, the two decided to make their first solo venture with Dude & Dan's. In the last year they have added local Chef, Craig Sutherland, whose vast experience has elevated their home cooked menu to wonderful new levels! Bar manager, Jason Brown rounds out the team with his extensive beer, wine and liquor knowledge.